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Clients share their success stories...

High cholesterol and blood sugar

"Alejandra has been helping me with my cholesterol and sugar for the last 5 years. Because I don't have problems with my weight and I exercise a lot, I think I was, and still am, a challenge for her. She worked a lot on my diet, also added vitamins and supplements. My cholesterol went down from 286 to 203 with no medication. Now, we focus on my sugar. I couldn't do it without her. The beginning was really hard for me and she was always there for me. I recommend Alejandra 100%, she is an excellent dietitian!" ~Ana 

Weight loss and symptom improvement

"I loved my experience with Alejandra! I enjoyed every second of my 5 month plan as she taught me more about healthy habits and options. I really liked that she was more focused on my blood work results and how my symptoms improved over the 5 month rather than how many pounds I lost by the end of each month, it made me feel less stressed about trying a whole new lifestyle. I also appreciated that she introduced me to meditation to cope with my daily stress and to different alternatives to treat my gut issues. Whenever I went grocery shopping she was always helping me choose the best options for me and I loved that about her! She is extremely sweet and detailed in her work, really puts in the time and effort for you and everything is very personalized! At the end of the 5 months not only most if not all of my symptoms gone but I improved my cholesterol and triglyceride (which is something I have never been able to control in the longest time!) Really happy with my results, will definitely keep my new habits and would definitely see her again! ~Valentina 


"Alejandra is not only an excellent professional, but also a very warm and affectionate human being. She helped me recover from diverticulitis, providing me with dietary guidance and recommendations for high quality supplements. I don't know how to thank her enough, I could have not done it without her. I recommend her 100%!" ~ Maria Cristina 

Weight loss and elevated TSH

"I've been following Alejandra's recommendations for the last 2 years and not only have I lost 10 lbs., I've also improved my thyroid levels, which my doctor had wanted me to work on. Even though I initially contacted her for weight loss, she really took my entire health status into consideration." ~Jonathan 


"I managed to lower my A1c from 10.2 to 6.6 in just 3 months thanks to the help and guidance of Alejandra. She took the time to listen to me and my needs and was able to adjust her recommendations accordingly. She's great!" ~Susana  

Weight loss and digestive health

"When I started my journey on building a better relationship with food I ran across Functional Bites. I was amazed by the quality of Alejandra's support during and in-between sessions, found out what I can eat for breakfast after not eating it for years, and actually lost 12 pounds since starting my sessions with Alejandra! She recommended supplements after performing a diet-related assessment of my general health and they were amazing, how I have plenty of energy throughout the day and I do not have bloating/nausea anymore! Alejandra truly believes and supports her patients in a very comprehensive way. 10/10 I recommend her to everyone looking to improve their health!" ~Hector

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