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Work Well 

Employee Wellness Course 

The nutrition guidance your company needs! 

Whether your company is just starting to build a wellness program, or already has one in place, this 5-class nutrition course helps employees learn easy-to-adopt food and wellness habits that will improve their overall health and subsequently increase productivity levels. 

Egg and Avocado Salad

Renewed Health 

One-on-one Counseling Program

A happy and healthy you! 

The Renewed Health Program is designed to help prevent future health complications by ensuring adequate nutrient intake, improved digestive health, and weight management. 

Pantry Makeover

Improved product selection

The pantry makeover gives clients the opportunity to learn more about how to read a nutrition facts label, what ingredients to look out for, and for a dietitian to provide recommendations on what pantry foods to include and what foods to limit. 

At the Supermarket
Business People Applauding

Corporate Wellness

Individual Classes

Inspire your employees by teaching them! 

If your company is quite not ready for the Work Well Employee Wellness Course, no need to worry! Functional Bites also offers individual nutrition classes that can still motivate your employees to be and stay well!

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